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Neil attended the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center in October of 2011, where he successfully completed all requirements for the 655-hour massage therapy program. He specializes in both Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.

Neil’s form of massage is a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage. Swedish massage focuses on long, fluid and even pressured strokes in the same direction as the blood flowing back toward the heart. This provides relief from muscular stiffness, numbness, pain and other health problems. The increased oxygen flow in the bloodstream eliminates toxins in muscle tissue and improves circulation and muscle tone. This helps to achieve a more balanced muscular skeletal system. Deep tissue massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. Neil uses many of the movements and techniques that are similar to Swedish massage but the pressure will generally be more intense. The greater holistic effect is an improved awareness of one’s body and a more intimate connection between body and mind.

Before attending Pyramid, Neil worked as an intern at Sojourns Community Health Clinic in Westminster, Vermont, where he first discovered his passion for massage therapy.

After Pyramid, Neil was given the opportunity to work as resident masseur at First Descents, a program based in Denver, Colorado, providing young cancer survivors with unique opportunities in the outdoors. Participants come together to form enduring, intimate bonds with each other at a time when they least expect to. They tackle the Colorado River in kayaks, rock climb the red rock, sandstone cliffs of Moab, Utah, or surf the pristine tides of Santa Barbara, CA. At the end of long and invigorating days either on rock or rapids Neil would step into the role of Masseur and provide well deserved massages for the sometimes tired but newly empowered participants and staff.