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In the late winter of 2008 I was enjoying the life of a math and PE teacher at the Greenwood School, a boarding school for learning disabled boys in Putney, VT. I spent my free time being a surrogate father to forty-five young men, rode my downhill mountain bike in the summer time and back country skied in the winter. Today I live in Brattleboro, VT. I am a certified massage therapist and my connection with the physical world has been altered dramatically. It was not a skip and a jump from one way of taking in the world to another. It was a long and arduous road, losing my sight and trying to move on. At the start of 2008 I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. As a result of the surgery to remove the tumor I awoke from the operation completely blind. Initially the darkness consumed me. The world and all its inherent beauty is absorbed and filtered through our eyes and suddenly I was absolutely denied access to the vast beauty of it all. I have always been a tactile person, learning, working and understanding the world through touch. I have learned there are lights at the end of even the darkest of tunnels and although I cannot see them I can feel them. Massage therapy has been one of the brightest lights and one of the few gifts that blindness has given me. Through the use of my hands and specifically the art of massage I can experience and facilitate the exchange of energy between two people. In essence my hands have taken on what my eyes have sadly lost.